Message from HOD

With all that at my behest , my experience as a clinical pathologist and observer ships in National and international reputed institutes , I would at the outset , like to advocate that a strong efficient and a well-organized diagnostic laboratory back up is irrefutably cardinal for any health care institute of repute , for its academic and patient care components.

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Future Goals

  • FISH and PCR
  • Tissue Microarray
  • Whole slide scanner
  • HPLC system
  • Automated cassette/Slide labeling system
  • Electrophoresis immunofixation (Automatted).
  • B12 and Folate assay
  • BCR-ABLAND JAK 2 Mutation reagents.
  • CALR mutation reagents.
  • NAT Screening TTI
  • Leucodepletion for all multitranfused patients. (Thalassemia registry)
  • Automation in immunohematology and Screening for TTIs.