Infrastructure And Main Highlights Of The Department:

There is a  MUSEUM in the department  containing about 100 poisions , wet specimen , mounted and  un-mounted specimens, weapons, skeleton models – firearm and spent cartridges .


            The LIBRARY is well –equipped with books related to Forensic Medicine  its branches for both undergraduates & postgraduates . time & again , it is updated  with latest national & International journals.


         The department has set up a new MORTUARY  for conduction of Autopsies  Recent addition to the mortuary is:

  1. Autopsy table
  2. Portable x- ray 
  3. 4 Body storage cabinet.

 The department is working to set up a Toxicological lab and a DNA SAMPLING ROOM  for  which space  has  been  allotted.

              The department at present are conducting Autopsies at PANTHACHOK MORTUARY  and            


              EXUMATIONS are being carreid by the department on regular basis.

             DNA SAMPLING cases related to DISPUTED PATERNITY AND UNIDENTIFIED                                                                             I             INDIVIDUALS  in Kashmir are  all carried out in the department.