117/04/2021Advertisement notice 15 regarding different posts for establishment of VRDLSelect
202/04/2021Advertisement Notice for the Post of Sister tutor on Academic Arrangement Basis.Select
316/03/2021Advertisement notice no 4 of 2021 dated 16-03-2021 for the post of HOUSE JOBSelect
402/03/2021Advertisement for WALK-IN-INTERVIEWSelect
511/01/2021New Interview notice for post of Registrars and demonstrators in response to advertisement notice no 19 , 20 and 438 of 2020Select
611/01/2021Advertisement No 2 for the post of RegistrarsSelect
709/01/2021Advertisement Notice No 1 of 2021 for the Post of Registrar/DemonstratorSelect
830/12/2020Interview notice for posts of Registrar and demonstrators in response to advertisement notice no 19 , 20 and 438 of 2020Select
924/12/2020Extension Notice to Advertisement Notice No of 19 of 2020 dated 8-10-2020 for Registrar PostsSelect
1019/12/2020Advertisement Notice No 7 NGS of 2020 dated 18-12-2020Select
1108/12/2020Advertisement No 438 for the post of Registrar in different disciplinesSelect
1225/08/2020Advertisement notice no 17 regarding post of Registrar's in various disciplinesSelect
1316/07/2020Advertisement Notice No 12 for the Post of Registrars and Demonstrators in various disciplinesSelect
1406/07/2020Advertisement Notice no 10 GS of 2020 regarding post of Research Scientist in VRDLSelect
1515/06/2020Extension to Advertisement no 11Select
1602/06/2020Advertisement Notice 3 NGS of 2020 for post of Anesthesia AssistantsSelect
1727/05/2020Advertisement no 11 from (inservice/Non PSC ) eligible candidates for the post of Registrar's and DemonstrorsSelect
1827/05/2020Advertisement notice no 9 for various posts in Department of Microbiology GMC SrinagarSelect
1919/05/2020Advertisement notice for engagement as Lecturer on academic arrangement basis in the department of microbiologySelect
2001/05/2020Advertisement notice for the post of tutorSelect